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Eye Yoga Tips

As co-authors of the book, Eye Yoga: How you see is how you think, Martha Rigney and I have developed a series of a dozen or so Eye Yoga Tip videos as an adjunct to our book.  We release a new one of these every two weeks, starting January 2015.  Their purpose is to give you simple exercises to maintain and improve your eyesight.

What, you may ask, is Eye Yoga?  Like in yoga, your eyes respond to stretching, toning and relaxation as well as strengthening.  There are simple things we can do to help our eyesight that don’t require the more mechanical approaches of glasses, lenses and surgery.
We hope you find these Tips to be useful.

And if you don’t already have our book, you may want to get it to learn even more!

View our INTRODUCTION to Eye Yoga Tips.

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