Change Within,
Change the World

Jane Battenberg’s core belief is that the internal landscape and the external reality are intertwined—“as above, so below,” “as within, so without”. Changes in the internal bring about changes in the external. Change Within, Change the World harvests what Jane has learned from her wide-ranging studies and her work with clients. She crystallizes the material into exercises with a powerful dual purpose: to first, create lives of inner joy, clarity and integrity that ripple outward, and to second, create meaningful and desperately needed changes in our world.

In a style that is both playful and serious, she assists the reader in building skills to navigate today’s chaos through bite-size morsels of food for thought to tease out and expand the reader’s larger purpose. Change Within, Change the World is peppered with stories, quotes, pictures and quirky and entertaining anecdotes. It is a good read for people who want to quickly get to the heart of the information without wading through a lot of words. It is geared to stimulate the reader’s own creativity. In a time when it’s common to feel powerless, it points out places where power exists that may be overlooked, discounted or not recognized. This deep, insightful and often delightful book offers encouragement. It offers hope.

This is a rare and very wise book written by a rare and wise woman. With mastery and deep intelligence, she leads you on a thrilling journey to the domains of latent potentials and human possibility. For anyone concerned with the trajectory our world is taking, this is a book to devour.” — Jean Houston

“This call-to-(linking)-arms is not just a self-help book, but a universal help book.” — Nancy Bellamy Jones

“This book takes New Age wisdom and thinking and breaks them down into practical how-to steps so that we can go about the necessary work of healing our planet.” — Lucy Claire Curran

Eye Yoga is a visionary book about vision. It offers state-of-the-art practices to improve one’s seeing of both outer as well as inner worlds.” – Jean Houston

Eye Yoga: How you see is how you think

My simple “eye yoga” exercises are especially appealing to baby-turning-elder-boomers who want to maintain and improve their eyesight as part of an alternative health routine that fits easily into a busy schedule.  What distinguishes this from other vision improvement books is the link I make between the eyes and the brain, your thought processing and your personality, using an array of fields, particularly NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP).  Since NLP is combined with the vision improvement, the exercises soon lead the reader into a deeper contemplation of the eye-brain connections – personality traits, insights, metaphors, big-picture values, envisioning, creativity and problem-solving. With many practical tidbits and food for thought, the material has been honed and polished in a succession of popular Eye Yoga Workshops I have offered over the past four years along the West Coast and in such diverse places as Lake Havasu, NV, England and Findhorn, Scotland.

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Eye Yoga is a visionary book about vision. It offers state-of-the-art practices to improve one’s seeing of both outer as well as inner worlds. The authors address both sight and insight in ways that add new possibilities to human experience. The techniques offered here are superb and enhance both physical and mental performance in unexpected and deeply gratifying ways. Read this book, do the exercises and see a new world.”
—Jean Houston, PhD., author of numerous books including A Passion for the Possible, A Mythic Life, and Jump Time

“Eye Yoga challenges the current myths about vision and gives the reader a very clear road map on how to improve one’s eyesight and vision. The exercises are excellent tools to help a variety of vision problems. I highly recommend it!”
—Sam Berne, published author in the field of vision therapy

“This is an excellent book. Just as our vision serves to connect our inner and outer worlds, this book serves to make many important connections for the reader-connecting the eye with the brain, connecting thinking and seeing, and connecting eye exercises with vision. Many of the eye exercises are done with a partner, which serves to create another connection. I highly recommend this book.”
—Dr. Neal Apple, Opthamologist

“Stated in simple language without hype, Eye Yoga is a uniquely gentle path to better vision. It is eager curiosity not forced discipline that brings success. In the process you’ll discover how your brain works your eyes to see your deeper self. “
—Ray Gottlieb, O.D,  PhD

“Not only would people with vision problems benefit from reading this book, but so would all psychotherapists.”
—Dr. Lee Hartley, Marriage and Family Therapist, Psychotherapist