EYE YOGA TIP #12: Peripheral Vision

Peripheral Vision gives you a context for where you are in relationship to the world around you  It relaxes you and can improve your vision as well as your driving safety.  Sometimes known as the shamanic state, it enhances your awareness and intuition.

Coming up next: EYE YOGA TIP #13:  Sunning and Palming.  Earlier you learned Palming.  This Eye Yoga Tip adds Sunning as a way to exercise the pupils of your eyes while taking in the the valuable nutrients from sunlight.  First developed by Bates as a vision improvement technique, it stimulates our biological clocks with the sun’s photoelectric energy.  Then we add a flicker to the Sunning exercise to wake up the brain.  And finally, we alternate between Sunning and Palming to improve your eyes’ ability to react to bright or dim light.  NOTE: THIS LAST EYE YOGA TIP WILL BE OUT ON JULY 7!