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Body Work

BodyWork2LomiLomi is a primary technique that I incorporate into a body work session tailored to your particular needs. LomiLomi is a traditional art of Hawaiian massage, using a loving touch and a lot of aloha and intuition, a soothing, flowing, gentle, and relaxing experience.  I studied Lomilomi with Auntie Margret Machado in 1997 and 1998 on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Auntie was a wise kupuna (elder) and an inspiration for all of us under her tutelage.  She was well respected and well loved by all whose lives she touched.  Below is a photo taken of her with her daughter, Nerita Machado.  Nerita continues to run the Hawaiian Lomilomi School of Massage on the Kona side of the Big Island.

A body work session with me is much more than a massage. My intuitive diagnostic abilities allow me to work on exactly what is needed for change within, allowing your body to relax, restore, and revitalize.

Auntie Margret Machado and her daughter Nerita, who now runs the massage school.
Auntie Margret and her daughter Nerita.

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What People Say:

“To call what Jane has to offer a ‘massage’ is like calling a lecture a ‘little talk.’  Jane’s bodywork is a phenomenal experience that will bring you deep changes both physically and emotionally – if you wish.”                 -Ariadne Weaver

“I wanted to thank you again for a tremendous and therapeutic experience… it was far more than a massage.  The improvement in my sore legs seems to be permanent.  This morning I was able to walk on the beach with my husband and dogs!  Your approach is clearly far more effective than simple massage could ever be.  You can add me to the list of people who greatly value what you do.”     M.B. Watt

“I was trying to be able to wear high heels to my son’s wedding.  You worked extensively on my right side especially my right ankle.  OH-MY-GOD!!  My ankle is nearly 100% improved!!!  I’ve waited until today to allow the work tht you did on me to heal me and “settle in”.  But today I decided it was time to try wearing my new high heels even if it was just for 10 minutes.   Well, after 4 HOURS I finally got tired of wearing them around with my shorts.  I have no after effects from wearing them at all.  I’m so excited and grateful that I will be able to wear nice shoes to my son’s wedding!  Thank you, thank you.”     -Gloria Pederson

“I have been suffering with bladder and bowel problems for over 4 years and your therapeutic touch and time-line therapy session really helped unblock something that has greatly relieved the pain.  Thank you again for your kind, gentle approach to relieving my pain.”                              -Chris Cameron, Costa Mesa, CA

“Jane has lots of skills in her basket.  She takes a pinch of NLP, a dash of “TLT”, a great handful of Huna and mixes it up with a top notch massage that releases those muscular knots where negative emotions hide.  Jane’s magic hands and mind provide massages that are, hands down, better than any other I’ve ever had.”     -Virginia Moffett, Australia

“During the nine years of my experience with severe Fibromyalgia, I have been exposed to many treatment persons and modalities.  Because I am a physician, more varieties of treatments have been afforded me than most Fibromyalgia sufferers encounter.  The very best treatment of all modalities and treatment personnel has been provided me by Jane Battenberg, with her unique combinations of Reiki and tender point massage.  These treatments have given me the greatest amount of relief from my suffering and the greatest hope of recovery.” -B. William Freund, M.D.

“I have had chronic pain from tight knotted muscles in my left shoulder for over l5 years.  I have gone to many chiropractors and massage therapists to try to ease the tension for relief.  Sometimes it worked temporarily but most of the time I went away disappointed and wanting and needing more.  I didn’t feel they got to the core of the problem by getting deep enough to release the tension.  After one session with Jane Battenberg, I felt like a new person.  My body actually tingled with relief.  She has a unique gift of body intuition and massaging talents that allowed her to “talk” to my  tight muscles, helping them to release completely.  The pain that I had learned to live with was completely gone.  In addition she helped me train my body how to let go of the tension.  I have never had such a complete and masterful massage in my life!!!!  She has a talent that is beyond words, you just have to experience it!!!     -Shawna Kendell, CHT