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These are some of the skills brought to the table to work with each client’s individual needs to create personal transformation with Change Therapy. Click on any of the topics above to learn more about them.

Using a unique blend of these techniques, I work with the person to achieve the goals they desire. My approach is collaborative, working with the individual, putting our heads together, a “do-with” rather than “do-to” process. Results are usually achieved within one to several sessions. Quick and practical is my motto. Change within creates change without. Clients frequently say they can’t believe it is that easy to change.

• Want to get rid of fear, anger, sadness, grief, resentment or anxiety?

• Want to change unwanted behaviors and reactions?

• Afraid of public speaking?

• Want to align your life with your internal values?

• Want to pick better relationships? Your relationship needs a tune-up?

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Intellectually, you know what you want to change and how to do it. But the change needs to occur at the unconscious level. It is not an intellectual domain, where you can just decide to change and you do it. If you had a shirt pattern, and you kept making a new shirt from that same pattern, no matter what exotic, expensive material you used, you would end up with the same frumpy shirt. Like that, we often repeat the same patterns in life. No matter what the relationship or job or social situation, we seem to repeat the same patterns, often getting the same results. The unconscious mind holds the templates for these patterns in your life. In order to change, you need to change at the unconscious level. It isn’t possible to intellectually meditate or pray, because it isn’t done at the intellectual level. Like that, change often cannot be done at the intellectual level. We need to go into the operating system or the programming of the unconscious mind to transform the old patterns held there in order for change to happen.

As “master of process”, I work with my clients, who are the “masters of content”. Together we get their unconscious mind to communicate what the pattern is that they are following and why. Only then can we gently reframe the unconscious mind’s decision to replace it with a more generative and useful one. I believe the answers are within the client, not from any “good ideas” I might have. I guide the process to bring this out. The client is in charge of the content, and there is no manipulation or coercion. The unconscious mind is not bludgeoned into submission. It is a “work together” process rather than a “do to” one. Together, the client and I, the client and their unconscious mind, create new choices that generate more possibilities in their life.


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What People Say:

“This has been the best work of my life. Thank you.”

– Attorney, New Jersey

“Any time someone put their hand on my throat, I reacted or flinched, backing away. Now I understand why. That one experience of using Time Dimension Therapy to explore its roots in a past life was as powerful as months of psychotherapy. I felt like a ten-ton weight had been lifted from y shoulders. I feel happier, more personal power and more confident in what I am doing. Words cannot express how much I appreciate you and what you did for me.”

– Ann Miller, Laguna Hills, CA

“By nature I tend to be very cautious about some of the alternative beliefs, but with Jane’s bubbly personality and straightforward approach, that was not a problem. Time Dimension Therapy has proven to make so much sense, and it has helped enable me to work on myself, undoing some of the old patterns and beliefs. I went through previous lives, with my subconscious mind seeming to know exactly where to go in order to move my present life forward. At all times I felt very safe with Jane, an important factor when dealing with painful or confusing situations and feelings. She helped me help myself through some very difficult areas, rising above the problem to find another solution all by myself. Thank you, Jane.”

– Frederike Henderson, Woking, UK