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Huna2I teach a series of workshops as Kumu Ho’omanaloa, full initiator in the ancient Hawaiian Healing Science of the 36 Symbols of Na Au Opua Kilokilo Ka Haiki a Na Lani.  Huna offers some of the principles and practices of the ancient Hawaiians.  It is a system of psychology and “shamanism”, practical yet deeply spiritual, teachings to help you take charge of your own life.  Learning from ancient knowledge connects you to your highest wisdom to develop knowing and open innate psychic abilities.

Two training series are available as described below, and more advanced training is available upon request.

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This two-day workshop includes:

•  Special breathing techniques

•  Ho’oponopono, a Hawaiian forgiveness process

•  Connection to ones Higher Self as the source of love and healing

•  Huna Basics – 3 selves, 4 levels, chanting, and meditation

•  Ancient Hawaiian techniques of energy healing

•   Elemental Series initiation into 4 ancient symbols for working with higher energies, balancing and protection



This two-day workshop includes:

•  Special breathing techniques to create specific effects

•  Connection with the 5 elements and rituals with them

•  Decoding Hawaiian language for secret teachings

•  Introduction to symbology and laws for creating changes

•  Principles and practice of the ancient Hawaiian techniques of energy healing

•  Enlightenment Series initiation into 4 symbols (different than the Elemental Series)


What People Say:

“Learning Huna has been more comprehensive and valuable than most if not all my previous education, including my doctorate.  Huna is not for everyone, for it is too powerful.  Only those having the highest integrity should be exposed to thia ancient and secret teaching.”

-Marilyn Lamoreaux, Ph.D., psychologist and ordained minister