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ReikiI offer a traditional, powerful, transformative yet simple Reiki, utilizing Usui, Seikem and Modern methods.  My intuitive diagnostic abilities allow me to work on exactly what is needed for change within through safe, compassionate and comprehensive healing. As a Reiki Master, I have taught and given Reiki sessions since 1985.

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What People Say:

After taking a Reiki class, this participant worked on his mother with these results.  “My mother’s neglect of an injured toe with poor circulation resulted in a medical diagnosis that she would probably have to have it amputated.  After a week of medical treatment and Reiki she was released from the hospital with a much better prognosis.  I was amazed to experience what a profound healing and relaxing effect Reiki had on her.”                                                              -Herb Maher, V.P., C.F.A., securities analyst, Boston, MA

“After experiencing an incredible Reiki session which produced deep relaxation, I wanted to learn it!  I took Reiki I and II and now Reiki is a way of life for me to use and to continually explore.  I have felt the “pull” of my energy at different speeds and levels of vibrations.  I have felt my hands pulsate and become warm.  I have felt the energy fields of others.  When we send Reiki energy to people at great distances, they seem to respond to this energy and get better.”

-Mary Cardullo, M.A., psychologist, Fountain Valley, CA

“When I first experienced Reiki, I was determined that it wasn’t going to affect me like they had advertised.  But when I sat in the chair and received Reiki on my head for about 5 minutes, I was dizzy, and my body knew it wanted more, even if my conscious mind was trying to deny its benefits.  As a nurse, I find that patients respond in a positive way to Reiki.  It helps me remain centered in the midst of crisis.  I have used Reiki to enhance my meditations and to relieve headaches and various other aches and pains.  After receiving Reiki III, changes are still happening.  I find Reiki energizes and motivates me to pursue positive changes on spiritual, physical and mental levels.

-Joie Detre, nurse, Reiki III, Kailua-Kona, HI


About Reiki

The Ancient Art of Natural Healing

• Have you ever wondered what that warmth in your hands meant?

• Have you ever wanted to give healing energy to someone else?

• Ever wanted to balance yourself to get calmer and feel better?

Cultures around the world acknowledge energy as a source of life, whether they call it energy, prana, life force, ‘chi’ or Reiki.  Reiki is a simple, natural healing method believed to have origins as ancient as humanity.  Reiki rebalances the subtle bodies and chakras.  It is non-invasive, completely safe and can be used along with standard medical procedures and religious beliefs without conflict.

Reiki Training uses attunements or initiations given by a Reiki Master to activate the flow of energy in the person.  Once activated, the Reiki energy is always available, for the rest of your life.


Reiki can be used on humans, animals, plants and even mechanical things.  The person giving the treatment enjoys the benefit of the Reiki energy coming through them, not depleting their energy, as happens in using some other techniques.  A Reiki practitioner can Reiki themselves as well as a situation, food, even the planet Earth.  It works on the physical, emotional and mental levels as well as spiritual planes.

You may have heard of healing hands, of the laying on of hands, perhaps even experienced the soothing touch of a friend.  Human touch can convey warmth, comfort, serenity, healing.  Human touch to comfort and relieve pain is as old as instinct itself.  It is our birthright, a natural ability for us to be able to help others by sharing our loving energy and touch.  Reiki magnifies this natural ability, allowing us to transmit harmony and balance.  Reiki is like a laser compared to our natural ability being like a flashlight.

Founded by Dr. Mikao Usui in the late 1800s as a way to transmit balancing, harmonizing and natural healing energy, Reiki means spiritually guided life-force energy.  While spiritual in nature, it is not a religion nor affiliated with one.  People from all professions and beliefs enjoy Reiki training.

Four Degrees or Levels of  Reiki:

The First Degree attunes the energy to the heart level, directing the Reiki energy through the hands.  Reiki One practitioners can give Reiki to themselves or others.  Two attunements are given in this one-day class.

The Second Degree provides greater leverage or access to energy, and a precise technique for absentee healing of those not present, as the attunements go down to the root chakra.  Practitioners are given three Reiki symbols along with two attunements, and the class usually spans an evening and part of the next day.

Third Degree Reiki involves one, longer, attunement as well as receiving a fourth, spiritually-powerful symbol used to deliver attunements.  This level is reserved for those interested in becoming Reiki Masters or who want even more leverage, like going from two dimensions to three dimensions.  A person’s intuitive and diagnostic abilities are practiced and enhanced.

Reiki Master is the level for those interested in attuning others to Reiki and in teaching Reiki.  This level is set up with the person on an individual level.

The most important thing to know in using the Reiki energy is that it is a gift of Grace rather than a power we possess.  When we get our egos out of the way and have the clear attitude of gratitude for the Reiki, we become like a “cosmic straw” through which the Reiki flows.  Reiki has its own intelligence, amplifying our  own natural ability.