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Meet Jane

Welcome. Come with me to:

  • Explore your inner world,
  • Discover your larger purpose,
  • Shift the old patterns you thought you were stuck with,
  • Change your vision—how you see and how you think.

For many years, my work has been in personal change, both for myself and for others—changing what seems impossible, changing limiting beliefs, changing values, and exploring life’s larger purpose. My most recent book, Change Within, Change the World, reveals how inner transformation reverberates as action in the world.

In this website I offer you an array of approaches to the dynamics of inner change and world change, including the two books I’ve written about varieties of change, radio interviews, blogs, YouTube videos, one-on-one sessions, and an assortment of workshops on request.

Read Jane’s professional biography

Having spent my high school years in Lima, Peru, my exposure to multi-cultural and linguistic diversity guided me into an eclectic array of interests in college, and then a passion for travel for the next twenty-some years. Starting with a brief sojourn in selling two-volume encyclopedias door-to-door (the toughest job I’ve EVER had!), I quickly moved to teaching high-school Spanish. After that came 21 years in corporate management. My wide range of interests eventually led me into therapeutic coaching.

Because I love to ski, I joined the National Ski Patrol at Squaw Valley. Later, in Southern California, I trained hundreds of young ski patrol volunteers through the Boy Scouts Explorer program and had the satisfaction of seeing them blossom and assume responsibility. To this day, some of these former students occupy leadership positions in many areas.

I have gradually developed a philosophy that we are capable of much more than we think. Quantum physics says at the lowest sub-atomic level we are highly oscillating bits of energy. That means that we are not mechanically rigid like a car, and we can shape our bodies, health, emotions, and even our reality by shifting our thought patterns and use of energy. For many years I have applied ways to increase not only health and vitality but also choice, which has led me along some strange paths! The emerging result is shifting set ways of thinking into more expansive paradigms and a unique way of working with clients.

Engaging with others, from young patrollers to therapy clients, and seeing them blossom and take responsibility for their own lives, has given me some of my greatest joy and fulfillment.

View Dr. Battenberg’s video about her work.