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The following workshops are currently being offered on request.
For more information, go to the links provided.

If you would like to host a workshop in your area or are interested in attending a scheduled event, please contact me.

Time Dimension Therapy and NeuroLinguistic Programming Workshops

Negative to Positive in Minutes

Two-day workshop
Cost:  $495
Certificate of Completion, prerequisite for Time Dimension Therapy Practitioner Training
Audience:  general public and therapists
Description:  attendees can expect to

  • let go quickly and easily of unwanted emotions and blocks to success
  • eliminate limiting self beliefs and behavior patterns that prevent you from creating what you really want
  • release negative emotions instead of just experiencing them
  • find your values in an area of your life you want to change, eliminate conflicts between them, then align them to create change
  • learn how to enliven goal-setting to make your goals a reality

Therapists are invited to do it for you:  Designed for your personal growth and transformation, you can use your personal experience with these life-changing tools to easily incorporate them into your professional practice.

Time Dimension Therapy Practitioner Certification

Five-day workshop
Cost:  $1595
Prerequisite:  Negative to Positive in Minutes workshop
Time Dimension Therapy Practitioner certification
Audience:  People who wish to add TDT techniques to their existing practice.

Description:  This workshop is packed with NLP techniques useful in working with clients.  It teaches the participant to use Time Dimension Therapy with self and others.  Participants should come prepared to change themselves as they learn to change others.

Reiki Trainings

Reiki I

One-day workshop
Cost:  $125, Reiki I booklet included

Description:  Includes two attunements, which attune the energy to the heart level and directing the Reiki energy through the hands.  Participants enjoy giving as well as receiving Reiki treatments.   They are taught how to give Reiki treatments to others as well as to self.

Reiki II

Two half-days, usually an evening and the next day.
Cost:  $250

Description:  This workshop includes two attunements and participants are given and taught to use three Reiki symbols.  It includes giving and receiving a Reiki treatment.  Since this level teaches how to send Reiki remotely for distance healing, participants are taught various techniques to do this and practice sending it.  Intuitive ability is increased as they practice.

Reiki III

An evening and part of the next day
Cost:  $300

Description:  The person receives one long attunement, usually in the evening, and receives an additional, spiritually-powerful Reiki symbol, used to deliver the attunements.  Their intuitive and diagnostic abilities are practiced and enhanced.  The next day includes a powerful Reiki meditation and additional symbology.  This is for people wanting to go on to become a Reiki Master, or for those not wanting to teach or initiate others into Reiki but desiring the depth of this level.

Reiki Master Certification

Two-day workshop
Set up for a small class or individual on request.
Cost:  Depending on whether they have taken Reiki III, it will be between $500-1,000.
Audience:  Anyone wishing to teach Reiki and give Reiki attunements

Description:  Participants are given a notebook with all the material needed to teach Reiki Intros, Reiki I, II, III and Reiki Master classes.   They are given scripts, master pages for certifications, and much, much more.  They learn to do the attunements at all three levels.  The class ends with a healing cone of energy, built over the two days, for anyone needing healing.


Eye Yoga Workshops

½-day and full day workshops are offered, taught by myself and in conjunction with co-author,  Martha Rigney.

Half-Day Eye Yoga Workshop

Cost:  $75
Description:  This fun-filled workshop is packed with practical information to keep your eyesight healthy and improve your thinking processes.  Come SEE how you can realize these benefits:

  • discover the skills to stop wearing glasses or needing a stronger prescription
  • learn to direct your brain to improve your sight
  • increase your brain  power with proven eye exercises
  • explore ‘how you see’ affects ‘how you think’
  • see how the irises of your eyes reveal your personality

Many of us are looking for ways to maintain and even improve our vision. Drawing from the proven fields of brain neuroplasticity, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and natural vision improvement  Dr. Jane Battenberg and Martha Rigney have put together this remarkable workshop which has been applauded by audiences throughout the U.S. as well as in the U.K.  It works for both adults and young people.

One-Day Eye Yoga Workshop

Cost:  $125
Description:  In addition to the description for the ½-day workshop, there are more exercises and participants go into more depth, practicing the skills.  This workshop is designed to go from sympathetic to parasympathetic, allowing people to deeply relax and integrate the skills they are learning.

Increase Your Brain Power

One-day workshop
Cost:  $150 (includes Brain Yoga DVD)

Description:  Using eye-tongue exercises and many other techniques to increase brain neuroplasticity, this playful workshop will challenge you to expand your brain power.  It is geared to make new pathways in the brain and keep you young.

The neurons in the brain have a “plasticity” that allows them to grow new pathways.  We used to think that after a certain age, we no longer were able to grow new brain cells.  Now state-of-the-art research proves we can actually “learn new tricks”.  In my book, Eye Yoga, I cite examples where I’ve used these exercises to help people recover functions from strokes and other debilitations.

Mind-Body Mobility

Cost:  to be determined
Description: This workshop teaches techniques to use with others to help them recover lost functions (stroke etc.). Taught one on one, in person or by Skype.

Huna Workshops

Huna teaches the principles and practice of the ancient Hawaiians.  It is a practical system of psychology and esoteric practices for effective living.  Participants can expect to develop inner knowing and open innate psychic abilities.  Each level includes initiation into the use of four ancient symbols, found in a manuscript of a powerful kahuna (used similar to Reiki symbols).

Huna I – Elemental Series

Two-day workshop
Cost:  $495, booklet included
Description:  In addition to Hawaiian chanting and prayers, it includes:

  • special breathing techniques to increase and store mana (energy)
  • ho’o ponopono forgiveness process
  • higher self connection
  • learn about the 3 selves and 4 bodies to increase personal health
  • Huna principles, chanting, meditation on the light, and more
  • Initiation into four ancient symbols and an energy session

Huna II – Enlightenment Series

Two-day workshop
Cost:  $495, booklet included
Description:  Building on the Elemental Series, this workshop includes:

  • special breathing techniques
  • connections with the five Elements
  • introduction to symbology and shamanic techniques for creating changes
  • decoding secrets held within the language and chanting
  • principles and practice of the ancient Hawaiian techniques of energy healing
  • initiation into four additional ancient symbols with an energy session

Huna III and Huna IV

These are a continuation of levels I and II, deepening esoteric knowledge, chanting and energy techniques.  Taught on request. They are usually two days each.