I offer personal breakthrough and personal coaching sessions that can help in situations like:

•  You have unwanted fears, anger, sadness, grief or resentments.

•  You’d like to change unwanted behaviors and reactions, from nail biting to grinding your teeth to freezing up when you have to speak in public.

•  You want to align your values in all areas to make your life run more smoothly and successfully.

•  You would like to improve your relationship(s).

Using a unique blend of techniques from Neuro Linguistic Programming, Time Dimension Therapy, hypnosis and intuition, I work with the person to achieve the goals they desire. The client determines what changes they want.  They are in charge of the content.  As master of the process, I facilitate achieving those changes.

Results are usually achieved within several sessions, quick, and practical. Clients frequently say they can’t believe it is that easy to change.

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