The Nth Factor

Did you get the flu this winter?  Or a sinus infection?  Why do some people quickly get over the flu or never miss a day of work while others are down for weeks?  Obviously many factors enter into this: good nutrition, rest, exercise, a loving support system, spirituality, a positive attitude, not to mention good genes, and sometimes plain old luck!  There may be something else that comes into play which I’ve named “the Nth Factor”, something far less tangible and possibly more important to our energetic well being.

The Nth Factor:  I call it the ability to move beyond the exterior world to tap an inner resource.  It may be drawn from our mind-body’s ability to tap into a greater source of energy.  Whether we call it God, deep implicate order intelligence, or a quantum energy field, it is a vast well of potential.

People often respond to treatments that appear unscientific.  Some of these are:

  • The Placebo Effect:  people react to “sugar pills” the same as to medicine a whopping 40% of the time.
  • Spiritual belief, prayer, revivals, Reiki, etc., all have documented successes.
  • People with terminal diseases have spontaneous remissions and tumors and illnesses disappear for unexplained reasons.

There is growing evidence that we are energetic beings rather than bodies with parts, akin to the mechanics of a car.  A brief review of some of these areas will get us on the same page:

Quantum Physics:  replacing the mechanistic Newtonian Physics, we discover that at the lowest subatomic level of “matter”, we are highly-oscillating bits of virtual energy.  We are mostly space with an electromagnetic force field that makes us appear “solid.”  Subatomic particles can move backward and forward in time (The Dancing Wu Li Masters, Gary Zukav).  If you turn one of twin particles separated in space, the other will turn at the same time.  I experienced this while looking at a sample of my blood in a Dark Field Scope. When I got upset, I saw my blood sample react by becoming very agitated, even though it was outside of my body!  (“Made my blood boil.”)

Mind-Body Connection via Neurotransmitters:  In 1986 Dr. Candace Pert’s groundbreaking research (Molecules of Emotion) provided scientific proof that the mind and body function together as an integrated system, and our emotions are chemicals.  Emotions are linked to physical pain, as proven by John E. Sarno, M.D. (Healing Back Pain-The Mind-Body Connection).   He asserts that back pain is only rarely the result of structural problems, rather it stems from muscular tension of repressed emotional problems.  Even just acknowledging the emotional component would frequently cause Dr. Sarno’s patients’ back pains to disappear.

 Auras and Energetic Fields Around Living Things:  Dr. Valerie Hunt developed a scientific way to videotape the human aura.  She shows a woman’s aura grow large and white as she moves into deep meditation.  As her young son runs by, her own aura bends toward him and turns pink.  Kirilian photography has captured the energy patterns coming off living things, such as the energetic difference between a hand at rest and one giving Reiki, and the higher lifeforce of organic foods.

Our Holographic Nature:  When you shine a laser beam through a holographic plate, you get a 3-D image, like R2-D2’s images in Star Wars.  If you were to tear that photographic plate into tiny pieces and shine a laser light through any one, you would still get the same 3-D image!  Holographic means every part contains the blueprint of the whole.  Studies with salamanders showed that when they minced up their brain and reinserted even a few brain cells, the salamander could still function (The Holographic Universe, Michael Talbot).  A man with 120 I.Q. and a respected mathematician was found in a post-mortem autopsy to only have a few brain cells around the perimeter of his neo-cortex.  He had been able to (holographically?) recreate his normal brain functions from these few cells.  Nobel-prize winning work has been done on the holographic nature of the universe by such people as David Bohm, Carl Pribram and Rupert Sheldrake.

New Order or Chaos?  Why, you may ask, should we care about this Nth Factor?  First, in a world that is growing more complex and overloaded with information, we’ll get to a breaking point where we either evolve to a new way of being or succumb to the chaos of overload.  We need new, more efficient ways to cope.  (If all telephone calls still required a human operator to manually connect them, we’d need to employ well over half the population in the U.S. to do it.)  It is in this arena where the Nth Factor comes to the fore.

Here are some suggestions to develop your Nth Factor:

  • Be aware of your thoughts and beliefs.  If you think your immune system is strong, it probably is.  If you think you’ll get the flu, you probably will.  Take inventory of these subliminal programmings to see if they are what you want.  If they are not, what would you have to do to shift your habitual beliefs?
  • Be aware of what is energetically good and what is energetically toxic for you.  Try to eliminate the things that energetically weaken you, whether being around a certain person, listening to a violent TV program, watching the news, or even listening to gossip.  What gives your energy a boost or a balm – good music, walk in nature, meditation, being with loving friends?
  • Take the time to tap into your inner resources.  Dr. Jean Houston (Jump Time) urges us to spend an hour every morning while the external world is still quiet to journey, meditate and download energy and information.  Whether you prefer journaling, spiritual practice, having a chat with your Higher Self, it’s your personal way.

How will you personally strengthen your Nth factor to stimulate your energetic well-being and expand time to soothe your resource-stretched life?