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He threw bits of bones and things onto the mat and began to talk about my life from their patterns that only he could discern. He said I was being guided and helped in my work by a great aunt on my father’s side. He instructed me to meditate to get her name and then(…)

Using Time To Transform

 While helping my Dad chop wood, we broke the ax handle.  As I was hammering on a new handle the hammer suddenly slipped and slammed into my hand, causing immediate pain and swelling.  Remembering a technique from Serge King, I quickly reviewed the events leading up to the moment to clear any emotional causes in(…)


There was this man, head to toe with a lamppost, pushing and struggling against it, as he tried in vain to move forward.  A passerby asked him what he was doing and he said, “I’m trying to get home but this dern lamppost is in my way!”  Have you ever felt like you were struggling(…)

What’s Love Got to Do With It: Values, Passion and Kite Strings

Do you remember, perhaps from childhood, someone or maybe a pet that you loved dearly with all the passion and unconditionalness that a child can feel?  Sometimes it was a grandparent or a favorite aunt or uncle.  For others it was their dog, their best friend and constant companion.  Or a “bestest” friend or first(…)

The Grace of Receiving: What’s spiritual about receiving???

How many times has someone offered to give you something and, even though you could use it, you refused?  “A dear friend of mine offered to buy me a beautiful watch with crushed opals in the face, but I just couldn’t let him do it.”   “Let me help you clean up.  No, that’s okay, I(…)

Lets Get Physical – Does the Bodymind Mind?

Is there a connection between our physical body and our mind?  Imagine you are holding a large, ripe lemon.  You scratch the peel and sniff that lemony smell.  Now imagine you cut it in half and sniff the inside.  Now lick it.  By now you are probably experiencing something in your mouth, like a puckering(…)

Up For Grabs

The Nth Factor

Did you get the flu this winter?  Or a sinus infection?  Why do some people quickly get over the flu or never miss a day of work while others are down for weeks?  Obviously many factors enter into this: good nutrition, rest, exercise, a loving support system, spirituality, a positive attitude, not to mention good(…)

Spring Forward, Fall Back: Eternal cycles

Spring Forward, Fall Back: Eternal cycles  Once again we prepare to move our clocks, both physical and biological, into daylight savings time. As daffodils, freesias and narcissus begin popping up from the bulbs I planted last year, they remind me of thoughts planted yesterday that bloom into tomorrow’s reality.  An accountant friend of mine would(…)

Balancing Acts

When I chose to explore and deepen my understanding of balance in my life for a year, it suddenly became filled with extremes that demanded balance!  Balance being a mid-way point between potential extremes, like dancing on the edge of a sword, it requires constant micro-adjustments to maintain.  I immersed myself in play, that joie(…)