Welcome to a place where you can explore opportunities for your personal Change Within.

  • Dissolve your problems rather than talk about them.
  • Create the life you want.
  • Be free of unwanted habits and emotions.
  • Achieve the goals you dream about.

View a short video about how I do this. My intuitive diagnostic abilities allow me to work effectively on exactly what you need. Clients often see instant resolutions and break-throughs. Read their testimonials throughout these pages about their transformative experiences. I developed Change Therapy from a unique blend of Time Dimension Therapy, coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and hypnotherapy. Along the way, I wrote the book Eye Yoga, with my sister, and we offer workshops in these remarkable practices. I also teach Reiki and Huna. A body work session with me is much more than a massage, as I draw upon many traditions, allowing your body to relax, restore, and revitalize.

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Change Therapy

Using a unique blend of many techniques, I work collaboratively with the individual, putting our heads together, a “do-with” rather than “do-to” process. MORE

Eye Yoga

My simple “eye yoga” exercises are especially appealing to baby-turning-elder-boomers who want to maintain and improve their eyesight. MORE



I offer a traditional, powerful, transformative yet simple Reiki, utilizing Usui, Seikem and Modern methods. Trainings also available. MORE


I teach a series of workshops as Kumu Ho’omanaloa, full initiator in the ancient Hawaiian Healing Science of the 36 Symbols of Na Au Opua. MORE

Body Work

Offering much more than a massage, I utilize my intuitive diagnostic abilities to work on exactly what is needed for change within, allowing your body to relax, restore, and revitalize. MORE